San Antonio Certified Arborist George Potter

It's my responsibility and privilege as a certified arborist and environmentalist to help protect and preserve one of our Great Earth's most precious and vital natural resources, 'Our Trees'. I have dedicated my time to learn the skills to provide the best tree care for all our clients. A 'Healthy Tree' is a 'Happy Tree' and far less susceptible to diseases and pathogens when properly cared for.

There is always a certified arborist working on every project (me) because it is critical that every job turns out right. I am at every job to supervise that every cut is made properly, every wound is properly sealed and everything is done in the highest standard set by (ANSI) and the (ISA). We sanitize all of our equipment before every project, clean up and haul off all debris.

Heartwood Tree Service follows the best practices plus the newest techniques to accomplish a safe and cost-effective job. Regardless of job size, tree size or quantity, each tree is maintained with the same quality of expertise and my customers love me for that.

Service Commitment

Our service commitment is serious; we care about our environment! No tree hacking, no tree topping, no magic, just putting our skills to use and the admiration for our greenery.

Do not trust the health and well being of your tree's to just anyone. Call a trained professional arborist. I'm at your service! Request your free consultation today.



  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • Member of Texas Chapter of ISA (International Society Arboriculture)
  • As an Arborist, I follow the standards set by the Tree Care Industry Association, TCIA.
Everyone needs a Tree Company they can rely on and we'll definitely make you a part of our "Heartwood Tree Family" circle. Our customer satisfaction is an important goal in our process and commitment.

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Tree maintenance license

Tree Maintenance License TL-924667 City of San Antonio

All work provided through Heartwood is in accordance with the International Society of Arboriculture.




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